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Repair costs increase every year and can add up to thousands of dollars depending on the vehicle part or service required. A Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) can take over where your manufacturer’s warranty ends. It can help protect you from unexpected expenses, plus provides for a variety of other convenient benefits.


If your vehicle is stolen and not recovered, totaled in an accident, or damaged beyond repair due to a natural disaster, your auto insurance alone may not pay the remaining balance on your vehicle loan. This could leave a financial “gap” of thousands of dollars. In the event of a total loss, Guaranteed Auto Protection can waive or cancel the remaining balance of your vehicle loan after the payment from your insurance company.


Whether you drive on city or country roads, you are likely to face a variety of hazards from potholes to nails, broken glass and other road debris. The Tire & Wheel plan gives you unlimited protection from these hazards as well as emergency roadside assistance.


Nothing looks worse on your new car than the damage caused by tree sap, road salt, bird waste and other environmental elements. The protective sealant applied to your vehicle's exterior can help keep it looking showroom new. On the interior, your leather and fabric can be protected from food spills, makeup, chewing gum, and even pet stains.


Your new car will inevitably get bumped and banged by other car doors, wildly thrown balls, runaway shopping carts, and garage hazards like bicycles and lawn mowers. You can have those dents and dings removed from the exterior metal panels with Paintless Dent Repair.


Losing your car key is not only stressful, but also expensive. Key fobs are more high tech than ever, and replacing and programming a new one can cost up to $500 or more depending on the car make and model.** Key Replacement protection can pay to replace your lost, stolen or damaged key fobs and other covered keys.

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